I don't know what to say about the last year. I mean, I had a lot of new things in my life. (the most important being that I got married!) Apart from that, I got a new job at Gartner.

And since most of us were working WFH, I started spending time on my hobbies and interests.

In fact, I started questioning myself about my career in terms of where do I see myself in the next 5 years or what do I really want to do in my life (though I believe the answer to this question is a lifelong quest :p).

Well, the idea now is to focus on what I love to do and focus on that.


What can I say about this year? I guess we all shared something in common this year i.e. sadness and tragedies mainly. Personally, for me, a few things were horrible in my life. But with every dark cloud comes a silver lining. And for me, that was my marriage. Okay, technically I got married in 2021, but I did get engaged this year.


Anyway, I tried a few things and failed at most of them once again :p

  • Learn German (Tried but failed)

  • Watched The Office (US Version) for the umpteenth time

  • Worked on my Python skills (WIP) - I guess this will be a lifelong quest :p

  • Changed my job

  • Started focusing on improving my chess

  • Read a few more books, and realized fiction may not be that bad of a choice for reading



Well, this year my plan was to expand my skills in the domains in which I had "expertise" and learn some new skills along the way. Thus with that objective in my mind, the following were the goals for the year:

  • Learn Advance Power BI and DAX (Completed)

  • Learn SQL (WIP)

  • Learn German (Tried but failed)

  • Take my Python skills to "next level" (WIP)

  • Explore new genres of books (Tried but failed)

  • Start a blog (Started but did not continue through the year) 


At the start of this year, I made the following resolutions to be achieved:

  • Learn Advance VBA (Completed)

  • Learn Power BI (Completed)

  • Take a course not related to my career (Tried but failed))

  • Learn German (Did not complete)

  • Start my personal website (Completed)

  • Restart listening to podcasts (Completed)

  • Start and maintain a passive source of income ( Tried but failed)


The previous year I made the following resolutions  some of which I was able to complete:

  • Learn VBA (Completed )

  • Read at least 52 books in the year (Completed, Read 80 books :p)

  • Start a personal website (Did not complete)

  • Improve my excel skills (Completed)