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Showcase of Past Work

I’ve had the privilege of working with a range of clients, from large corporations to startup companies to individual entrepreneurs. No matter what type of client or the size of the project, you can count on me to produce nothing less than exceptional work that is perfect for your needs. Browse through my past projects to see them firsthand.

You can know more about me here.

Professional Competencies

Throughout my professional career, I’ve established a strong background and impressive skill set that has built the foundation for my freelancing. Below, I’ve outlined my prominent skills to show a snapshot of the support I can provide. For my full resume or to learn more about my specific areas of expertise, simply get in touch.




-API Building

-Excel Dashboarding

A Sports News Website

It's a sports news website that scrapes the data from various news websites and puts it in one place. You can access the website here:


A Custom Discord Bot

I created a custom discord bot that scrapes the information from various e-commerce websites and then messages the users in different channels. The owner of the bot can perform various functions such as adding different websites for scrapping data, delete URLs, kick or ban members etc,


A desktop application made with Electron JS

I built this Twitter Terminal for one of my clients where the ask of the client was to capture the tweets from a few lists and then display them in real-time and also share those tweets to his telegram account.

Screenshot (51)_edited.jpg

An OBS Widget

A client of mine wanted a simple OBS widget where he wanted me to display the local time of 3 different countries along with their flags and they should change after every 10 seconds.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 230305.png
You can find more about me here.
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