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My professional interests include business strategy and operations, the quantified self, tech, startups, and sustainable development.


Currently, I work as a Specialist at Gartner. The scope of my job includes:


  • Working with clients across a wide range of industries and business functions

  • Building and deploying skill assessment surveys for their specific requirements

  • Automating bunch of excel and PPT oriented process

I would like to draw your attention to the below-mentioned skills of mine:


  • Excel

I have a strong command over elements such as pivot tables, advanced formulas like lookup function, conditional formatting, and data validation & formatting.


  • Dashboards

I love creating dashboards and Excel gives me the right tools and platform to showcase my love for data and dashboards. You can check out some of my work at Github @akulchhillar


  • VBA

VBA gives me the power which helps to showcase my passion for programming. I have completed a couple of online courses from Coursera on VBA. I have experience ranging from creating macros for day-to-day use to the advanced use of macros which involves the use of interacting with several applications with Excel-like Outlook, Powerpoint, Word, etc.

  • Python and Data Visualization

My never-ending love for programming can be established by the fact that I have taught myself Python from scratch. Plus because I love playing with data I used my knowledge of Python to produce visualizations.

  • PowerBi

I have worked on various PowerBi projects where I have worked on creating extensive dashboards and reports along with DAX queries to manipulate data. Being someone who loves working with data, PowerBi just provided me one more avenue to explore insights and describe the data and tell people what's happened till now. Plus I believe PowerBi is an intuitive tool for me when it comes to data exploration and representation.

  • SQL

The latest skill in my kitty is working with MYSQL and can do a decent job when it comes to writing SQL code to query data with subqueries as well, create a stored procedure, inserting and updating tables, creating views.

Some of the projects that I have built and that made it to the internet:

  • Zup: A chrome extension that allowed users to share URLS in an instant. It was built using webbooks. Though it stopped working some time back and I did not maintain it post that.

  • Embeddit: A Streamlit web app that allows users to capture their digital thoughts and created minimalist embeds that can be used anywhere on the internet.

  • Marvel Dashboard: A python dashboard made using Dash that fetches data from Marvel API and shows various stats of the superheroes. I don't really remember why it stopped working but as far as I can recall, It must be due to the free limit of Heroku.

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